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Titolo Video:
The Animated Bayeux Tapestry
Norman Invasion of Britain in 1066
L'animazione mostra l'avvicinarsi dell'invasione Normanna della Gran Bretagna nel 1066.
Inizia dalla comparsa della cometa di Halley e si conclude nella battaglia di Hastings.

The Animated Bayeux Tapestry was created as a student project while at Goldsmitchs College.
Just as the historic original embroidary does, the animation depicts the lead up to to the Norman Invasion of Britain in 1066.
Starts about halfway through the original work at the appearence of Halley's Comet and concludes at the Battle of Hastings.
Marc Sylvan redid the soundtrack to include original music and sound effects.

Anymation by David Newton
Music and sound design by Marc Sylvan